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Emotional Education Program

With this elementary program (Grades 1-6) students explore the wonderful world of emotions while playing, thinking about a story or doing creative projects in groups.

What will you find in this program?

Be Happy comprises 6 books on emotional education, one for each elementary school grade 1-6. Each level focuses on 10 emotional skills, 8 tools and 2 extra resources.

What will the students achieve?

They will learn how to get to know themselves better and understand their emotions in a fun way as well as improving their self-knowledge, self-esteem and social skills and learning how to better control their emotions.

What emotions does the program focus on?

Be Happy includes an “emotionary” that includes 18 emotions such as joy, happiness, friendship, sorrow, pain and concern. Each Be Happy emotion also has its own emoji and sticker to place in the books.

What are the program bases?

The Be Happy program covers the individual’s three dimensions: The Head, Heart and Hand through case methodologies, multiple intelligences, the Montessori approach and Learning by doing.

Example unit

An example of how the program focuses on emotions with the “My life's script” tool.

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What does Be Happy contain?

Additional features

Be Happy has a wide variety of extra resources to develop and instruct children's emotions at home and at school.

Educational basis

Below we list the emotions that the program focuses on, with the emotional tools it uses, its underlying pedagogical principles and the values it fosters.



















Scrapbook of emotions – faces!

Scrapbook of emotions – experiences!

Scrapbook of emotions – sensations!

The emotion-o-meter

The emotion-o-meter – experiences!

The memory kit

My diary of emotions

My worry box

#ilikedoingit #ibecomeabetterperson

The time machine

The laughter club

My life’s script

My music lists

Domino effect

There is a friend in you

I write from the heart

My treasure hunt

The program bases itself on four pedagogical principles. Each enables the following:

  • Principle of acknowledgement or identification of emotions.
  • Principle of distancing.
  • Principle of action: enabling or behavioral self-control.
  • Principle of search for meaning and values.

The Be Happy Emotional Education Program exercises a variety of different social skills for life:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-control
  • Respect
  • Decision-making
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Coexistence
  • Calm
  • Resilience

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Differential value


Stickers, characters, illustrations, design, resources.

The best tools

All emotional tools are based on extensive scientific research.

Detailed teacher's book

Logical sequence, explanations, observations, objectives, etc.


Art, music, sculpture, paintings, cinema.


We integrate values into the emotional education

Based on research

The Be Happy program is based on over 80 scientific publications

Present the program at your school

Download this presentation and a complete student’s and teacher’s unit.


It improves self-knowledge and self-esteem.

It integrates the head, heart and hand.

It offers useful tools for life.

It promotes values such as empathy, respect, responsibility, etc.

It helps emotional health.

It guides students toward the search for personal meaning.

Be Happy on video

Take a look at some of the program in these short videos

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